10th March 2022

Presenting ROMXc+


This was an interesting one from the perspective of figuring out how to tap into the ROMEN signal on pin 20 of the MMU. Our solution was the flex cable, which seems to work very well (let's see what the Beta testers think when they tackle the installation).


Here is a snippet from the Installation Guide, showing the major components.


  1. 4Mbit Flash Memory.
  2. ROM-Link header for link to the ROMXce Video ROM – Pin 1 end (white bar on PCB).
  3. Battery holder for CR1220 RTC backup battery.
  4. MMU-Link flex cable.
  5. Real Time Clock circuitry.
  6. CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device).
  7. Recovery Jumper (normally installed). Remove to enable recovery mode.

The catch with the Apple IIc+ is that the video ROM is soldered on all machines (some Apple IIc are also soldered), making the ROMXce video ROM installation a little more complex. The original video ROM must be de-soldered, and a socket installed. This is a job for the more experienced electronics hobbiest given the small annular ring used on the pads, plus the age of the machine - lifting a pad off the board with excess heat is a danger. We are providing a video ROM with the bundle, however installation is optional.

Here is the as-shipped flash configuration with ROM 5X as the default boot ROM : Menu

First lot of boards are in the USA now (just landed) and some will be sent to Beta testers for review - the rest should make their way to the ReActiveMicro store in the coming weeks (after Beta testing has concluded).

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