25th June 2024

Without much fanfare we released ROMX+ earlier this year, and that was a little unfair on it to be honest, as its truly a great product.


It's not surprising to find some misunderstanding out there about this new item. The most prominent "myth" is that ROMX+ is just a ROMX with the addition of a real-time clock. While the boards do look similar - and the ROMX+ indeed does sport a battery holder for the clock - there is plenty more going on with this new board.

For the ROMXe, ROMXc, ROMXc+ we took what we had created with the original ROMX, and added the real-time clock, larger flash storage, and many other new features. We also improved the built-in image upload function to read both DOS and ProDOS disks directly.

After tackling the Apple IIe, //c, and //c+, we've revisited the Apple II/II+ and have applied all that we learned to create the ROMX+.

The original ROMX will continue to be sold at a lower price for those that just need to replace a damaged ROM or don't need the fancy new features offered by the ROMX+ and in many cases a ROMX will cost less than replacing just one original Apple II/II+ ROM. And you still get plenty of other improvements such as guaranteed cold booting, multiple ROM images, and (optionally) multiple fonts.

ROMXe, ROMXc, ROMXc+, and ROMX+ all share a single firmware image that will continue to support all of these boards. Many of the larger ROM Images that these models use can be run on all of these machines. Like Copy2Plus, Choplifter, and DOS/ProDOS instant loaders. The ProDOS clock driver and non-volatile SRAM work the same on all these units as well. But ROMX+ offered opportunities to take the Apple II/II+ to a whole new level.

With our new MG ROM++ image, you now get many of the same features that were only available on later machines. Like enhanced reset for easy cold booting or activating a boot menu to select which drive to boot from (including SmartPort devices). You also get enhaced keyboard input to generate all of the special ASCII characters. And instant access to the ROMX+ menu without power cycling. The mini assembler is also back and more features are planned for a future release.

All in all, the ROMX+ is like a cherry on top of the dessert; a crowning achievement that is definitely worth the extra cost for enhancing your Apple II (and even most clones). Check out the comparison chart below.


Current ROMX+ owners can download the new MG ROM++ image here.

See the ROMX+ Installation Guide and User Guide for more details.

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