ROM X System and Utilities Disk

ROM X 20-10-26.dsk

  • Firmware Version 0.967
  • Boot Delay key changed from CTRL-D to CTRL-B
  • Added Description Edit (CTRL-D) from the I)INFO page
  • Added Info Edit (CTRL-I) from the I)NFO page
  • Added direct access to Bank in I)NFO: press a bank key to jump to the item
  • CTRL-O removed as no longer required
  • Now displays last character of Info correctly
  • Fixed issue applying updates with Apple Language Card installed.

ROM X 20-10-22.dsk

  • Firmware Version 0.963
  • Added DOS link
  • CTRL-E changed to CTRL-O (obliterate)
  • Fixed Delay value changing with Bank 0 update.

ROM X 20-10-13.dsk

  • Firmware Version 0.962
  • Fixed PRBYTE issue that would display @@ on some machines.

ROM X 20-10-03.dsk

  • Firmware Version 0.961
  • First Beta Release