ROM Images


This ROM image is identical to the standard Applesoft Image with Autostart ROM except for one byte. By changing the drive slot search routine at $FABB from $07 to $05, the Autostart ROM will find "smartport" devices that only match the first 3 of the usual 4 ID bytes that identify a bootable device. For example, the MicroDrive/Turbo card from is such a device. With a standard Apple II or II+ you can only boot this card by typing PR#n. With this patched Image in the ROMX, the computer will find and boot the MicroDrive/Turbo automatically (assuming it's in the highest numbered slot).

DOS Images

ROMX DOS images can be uploaded into a ROM slot, and associated with a system ROM using &Dn, where n is the bank number of the DOS image. See blog post here.

DOUBLEDOS.RMX Also known as DubbleDOS. More information here

DOS 3.3 FAST + LINK.RMX Here's a nifty DOS image. If you link another image to this one, it will load DOS 3.3 along with it. If you edit the description of THIS image to include the usual &Dn command, it will also load THAT image into the Language Card. For example, if you point the DOS image to an Integer BASIC image you can have a machine that comes up with DOS already loaded as well as Integer in the Language Card! NOTE: The tertiary image gets loaded verbatim into the Language Card, so only certain images like INTBASIC or FPBASIC would be useful here. If you set the BootDelay to 0 then this link will not work. Give it a try!