13th August 2020

Just returned today from a work trip in central Queensland, but while I was there I managed to get some work done on the 2316B SPCL panel :

I'm hoping to get these ordered along with the ROM X panel this weekend after a final sanity check on them both.

The 2513 version of the character ROM will follow - I'll work on that once these are ordered. The 2316B SPCL version will be first to ship with ROM X.

Just touching on the shipping, I'll really need to work out the best way to deal with it as it is taking such a long time at the moment due to Covid 19. A Switcheroo board I sent to Canada on the 8th April just arrived a couple of days ago! That was economy post - a registered package I sent to France still took a month though. For customers in the USA, I'll likely ship a pile of boards to Jeff for distribution - hopefully that way I can send them express and they won't take so long to get to the end customers.

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