21st September 2020

Finally we are ready to ship! The Dan Paymar lowercase ROM was made available to me, so I updated the line up of fonts to include it as it has historical significance. I also shuffled the order of the ROM's in the master flash image (the blog entry for the 15th September was updated to show the included fonts in the correct order).

Once that was done, I was ready to commit the image to the production 2316B SPCL boards :

I also assembled the ROM-Link cables and tested every unit :

This is how the 2316B SPCL board bundle goes together in the computer (note that my ROM X is offset to the right as I have an adapter underneath - yours will be in the correct location) :

I'm yet to complete the design for the 2513 replacement ROM, but it will use the exact same flash image as the 2316B, with all the same fonts available.

Jeff wrote a font test utility called TEXT DEMO that will be included in the ROM X disk image - it allows you to cycle through the fonts and view a sample page of text for each one. He's also working on IMAGE PREP - a utility to assist with creating ROM images for ROM X.

So - yes - finally we are shipping! Shoot me an email if you are interested in one (or more!) - contact details are on the home page. I'm going to start working on documentation :-)

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