27th July 2020

Demonstrated ROM X at WOzFest - an Australian meetup that was running on Saturday 25th July. It was well received, and people were especially impressed with the in-system programmability.

Jeff and I are currently working on recovery scenarios - we want to ensure that the device is recoverable by the end user should someone inadvertently corrupt the firmware image during an update.

There will be various checks in the update software to prevent this from happening, but if it should happen (power outage mid-programming for example!) then we want to ensure that you can recover from it and reflash the firmware.

The current thoughts are that a jumper would be placed at a particular position on the ROM-Link header. The CPLD will recognise this as a recovery mode and some magic behind the scenes will load a special recovery image that will allow you to boot from one of the other ROM banks. You can then use the disk version of the menu software to reflash the main firmware image. Should do the trick!

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