1st September 2020

Ok. I think I've got a decent starting lineup of ROMs and you can always change it anyway!

The out of the box ROM X configuration :

I've linked a few of them to particular text ROM images (&Tn at the end of the description) - if you dont have the text ROM bundle then those ones will just be displayed with the regular font - no problem.

Check out the ROM in slot D! Jeff has adapted an OEM diagnostics ROM for ROM X!!

It has just a handful of tests, but this is invaluable. Selecting the ROM, you instantly get this menu :

The RAM test is awesome to have - Jeff had one already in the recovery image to test the first 2KB but this does all the motherboard RAM I believe. Again, for more in-depth RAM testing you can boot a diagnostics floppy, but if you have a flaky machine then this may help you get it to the stage where you can actually boot a floppy succesfully :-)

Keyboard test is pretty neat :

As you work through the keyboard, the key's you have pressed (and have registered!) will disappear :

Video adjustment is pretty cool too :

The color bars look much better on a colour display!

So this is super exciting, and it's included on the stock ROM X flash image.

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