19th May 2021

The first batch of ROMXc boards are on the way to ReActiveMicro, while we start to prepare a second batch whilst simultaneously working on the release documentation. The aim is to have the documentation ready before the boards arrive with the people who have purchased them. I believe that there are still a couple of ROMXc boards available from the first batch if any US buyers are keen.

The image below is representative of the ROMXc bundle that people will receive, although a battery for the real-time clock is also included.

We held the first batch back a little whilst we tested ROMXc with ZIP chips that Jeff and I were able to borrow (thanks to Sean Fahey and Craig Bradley!). We were able to add initial support for the ZIP chips in both the CPLD and the firmware, and the firmware support will be further enhanced as we go. So the shipped version of the firmware is V0.994z - z for ZIP!

On with the doco!

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