25th February 2021

Again my apologies for lack of blog posts! There is a LOT of development work going on in the background on both ROMXe and ROMXc in parallel. Focus is currently on ROMXc which will likely now be the first unit available.

The photos below are representative of the final hardware version of the ROMXc, but the software side has evolved somewhat. I'll put up some more current images of the menu when I have a chance - the current revision firmware displays the date and time on the info menu (with seconds ticking over), plus the clock will ultimately be set/configured through the ROMX menu as well. At present we have a disk utility to set the clock. Once set, the time is retained by the onboard CR1220 lithium battery - which should last a number of years. Jeff has also written a ProDOS driver to support the clock chip that we are using.

We've also built an NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt) detection function into the CPLD and firmware code. Detection of a NMI would trigger a change of ROM images to Senior PROM or similar.

Lots of stuff to be tested yet - progress is a lot slower than anticipated but we are getting there!

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