23rd September 2021

I thought I'd share some images that were used in the ROMXe Installation Manual that has just been published.

The retail package :


The ROMXe hardware including the EF Adapter PCB for use in a dual ROM socket machine (CD and EF ROMs) - for single CF ROM machines you unplug the adapter :

ROMXe%20with%20EF%20Adapter%20-%20Top ROMXe%20with%20EF%20Adapter%20-%20Bottom

And finally, the 24 pin video ROM (the 28 pin version is the same as the ROMXc one) :


If you are interested in ordering ROMXe when they become available, have a read of the Motherboard Layouts section in the ROMXe Installation Manual. ROMXe ships with the ROMXe board and the EF adapter so supports both single and dual ROM socket configurations, but you will need to specify a 24 pin or 28 pin video ROM when ordering.

Beta testing is going great - the latest group of testers have the video ROM image that was updated to better support text UI's (see previous blog entry) and we've had some great feedback. Beta testing should be concluding soon, then ROMXe will be available for purchase.

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