1st January 2021

Happy New Year everyone!!

Our resolution for 2021 is to encourage more of you to contribute images for the ROM Exchange. That’s why we put Exchange into theromexchange.com :) We know there are lots of other images out there that the community would love to try out, and we want to see home grown images with older programs or new creations from the programmers out there.

To that end, Jeff has created an excellent tutorial for ROMifying code (converting code to run from ROM), along with a companion disk with templates for making this extremely easy. Take your favorite small utility or game and instantly move it into ROM with three easy steps. You don’t even need a ROMX board to go through the tutorial and create images that you can run from a Language Card/16K RAM Card or with your favorite Apple II emulator. Of course, having them instantly available upon power up is what ROMX is all about. Things like our Diagnostics and Memory Tester images really prove the power of ROMX, not to forget instant loading of DOS and Language Card. Now we just need more options to load into our empty banks!

Download the tutorial from the Documentation section (or click here) and have a go at ROMifying something. Following the tutorial, I had a crack at ROMifying Tranquility Base (Lunar Lander) - the RMX file is on the disk. It probably only took 10 minutes. Email your RMX files to deanclaxton@gmail.com and I'll upload them to the web site.

Give it a go - let’s have fun in 2021!!

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