17th December 2021

Wow - almost at the end of another year. Well we finally got ROMXe out this year, and have a few things in the pipeline including ROMXc+ for the Apple IIc+. The main PCB is shown below - this is pretty much final now :


There is an MMU-Link flex PCB that connects to pin 20 of the MMU :


The idea is that the two boards are assembled as below, with the finger on the MMU-Link folding down into the pin 20 position n the MMU socket, and the MMU reinstalled on top.


The MMU-Link method is a bit experimental - we'll get some made and see how it works :)

We also did an Interrupt generator card to be used in conjunction with ROMXe.


The trigger can be the Apple IIe reset button (used alone) or an external switch, and there is also a selector for IRQ or NMI interrupts. The IIe reset button trigger is based on Jeff's CKeeper trigger - works great so far and is in the hands of beta testers atm. Hopefully we'll be able to offer that early next year to anyone interested. You can optionally install a slot connector on the top of the board - I think there is enough room above it for small cards such as the current Booti. The ROMX Interrupt Generator card can be used to invoke a ROM image (such as Senior PROM) on a key/button press.

James Noyes found that ROMXe works on the Franklin ACE 2000 series computers! It needs a right angle ROM-Link connector to fit, and a custom video ROM image, but appears to work fine. I've created a custom flash image for the video ROM which includes the Franklin fonts plus many of the others on the current ROMXce video ROM and we'll be getting that to James to test. There is also work being done to get ROMXc running on the Franklin ACE 500 (IIc clone) by Javier and Jeff..

Merry Christmas everyone and let's hope 2022 will be a good one!


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