24th January 2022

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a good break over Christmas.

The panels and solder paste stencils arrived today for ROMXc+ (for the Apple IIc+). We're just waiting for the little flex cables to turn up, then we'll assemble a batch and test.


We've also been doing some work on the original ROMX - in this case we re-worked the panel for the 2316B text ROM to move all components to the top side. This will make it quicker to assemble, but we've also moved this design to use the same routered slots and v-score style for de-paneling the boards rather than the mouse bites that were used on the original 2316B design. The mouse bites left some unsightly sections on the board edges whereas the v-score leaves a neater edge. Purely cosmetic, but we're doing what we can to make it all look as nice as possbile :)


We had some fun with captures from AppleWin on the panel strips that get discarded - it will be interesting to see if the images (from the game Drol) will be legible when fabricated. This design will get shippped off soon along with another panel we are working on. We're off to a reasonable start for 2022 so far :)

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