5th May 2021

Below is is the production flash image that will ship with the units. We've made a minor change to the DOS 3.3 language card link since - its revised to &LB. So if you link a ROM image to the DOS image (as per ROM image 1 below), it will not only boot DOS instantly, but will also load Integer BASIC into the language card. How cool is that!

The game images (Choplifter and Raster Blaster) as well as ProDOS have links to system ROM images via the &Sn suffix. Selection of those images will firstly select the sytem ROM that is associated, then will load the game/application into memory and execute it.

Note that we are also demonstrating a text/video ROM link with the ROM 4X Image selecting text ROM 3 (ReActive text). This is super easy to change to another text ROM - removing the &Tn suffix will use the default text ROM.

I thought that some may be interested in the small volume assembly process that we are using currently. Whilst I have access to a pick-and-place machine at my workplace, I don't have one at home (yet) so the boards are pretty much hand assembled.

We do use solder paste and stencils though, so its a matter of pasting the board :

Then the components are handplaced and the board goes into the reflow oven :

Once reflow is complete the process is repeated for the rear of the board if it has components on both sides (ROMXc does, Video ROM doesn't).

The boards can then be de-panelised :

I'll then check them for solder bridges, and then the pins can be installed and the stacking portion of the header snipped off :

The new jig for ROMXc & ROMXe sets the pin length to 4mm for the video ROM to keep it nice and low under the disk drive - works out to be a touch over 5mm for the ROMXc module as it has components on the underside which lift it off the jig a little :

I'll then install the ROM-Link and recovery headers, program it with the production flash and CPLD images, and test it along with a Video ROM and ROM-Link cable. After that has been completed, the modules are pressed into conductive foam and placed in antistatic bags ready to be boxed up :)

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