13th March 2021

Today I started looking at text ROM content for ROMXe and ROMXc. Firstly I collated Enhanced (which includes MouseText) and Non-Enhanced 4KB video ROM files for stock Apple US, UK and German editions. Secondly I worked out the steps required to convert all the text ROMs that I had built for the II/II plus, using Omnivore and 010 Editor to do the conversion. My aim was to test the font files in a IIc using the 28pin and 24pin ROMXe video ROM modules (the exact same hardware and flash image is used for both ROMXe and ROMXc) linked to a ROMXc module via the ROM-Link cable:

For reference, my steps so far (I may need to further refine this) are :

In Omnivore :

  1. Load the 2KB Apple II font (first cab off the rank is BYTE font)
  2. Select all, Bytes -> Reverse Bits (IIe and IIc font bytes are stored in reverse order vs II plus)
  3. Select all, Bytes -> Rotate Right to adjust the leftmost pixel position
  4. Select all, Bytes -> AND $7F to remove the inverse flags
  5. Copy Lowercase from $700-$7FF and paste it in at $300-$3FF
  6. Select bytes $400-$7FF, Bytes -> Bitwise NOT to invert them

In 010 Editor :

  1. Copy patterns (from patterns.bin) into $800-$FFF where patterns.bin is $800-$FFF extracted from a stock IIe video ROM.
  2. For Enhanced fonts, copy MouseText.bin into address $200-$2FF where MouseText.bin is $200-$2FF extracted from a stock Enhanced IIe video ROM.

The resulting file was programmed into the text ROM module. This was the first test using the 28pin module:

So far so good - now I just need to convert the rest of them, and start to compile a list of fonts which will be included. I'll also trawl the internet for additional font files that may be of interest.

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