22nd October 2021

ROMXe is now available for order from ReActiveMicro! That one took a while - partially because there are so many system options out there for the IIe and we wanted to ensure maximum compatibility. Our Beta test group helped a lot with that - thanks everyone!

There is a new ROMXc/e User Guide that covers both ROMXc and ROMXe for firmware v1.00, plus we've created a Video ROM Programming Guide for those who would like to have a go at customising the font selection on the ROMXce Video ROM (or at least learn what is involved).


We've also shared the gerbers for the programming adapter (we have stock of bare PCBs - sales@jdmicro.com) and the stock video ROM flash image.

There are a couple of video's out already for ROMXe - Javier Rivera's First Look :

And Joe Strosnider's review :

Next Up, ROMXc+ for the IIc Plus I think - though I'm personally keen to have a crack at an accelerator with inbuilt ROMX functionality. Chip shortages are having an impact though so we'll see how we go!

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