23rd March 2021

Well, we processed all the fonts that we could find - converting all the ones that were done for the II plus and a few more. We have something like 58 font files, although only half are individual fonts as we created both enhanced (MouseText) and un-enhanced (no MouseText) versions of each. So now we need to come up with a decent initial selection of fonts, and would value any feedback that we can get.

We're still looking at how we will handle NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt) switches and the like, and depending on the path there I may have to lose a ROM-Link pin which would give a selection of 16 fonts (same as the II plus - prototype ROMXe and ROMXc had one more ROM-Link pin vs ROMX).

For the IIc and international //e however, we could make use of the keyboard switch (or an add-on switch for non-international machines) to select a second bank of fonts - another 16.

This is our initial proposed list for the first bank of 16 fonts (many of the ones converted from the II plus can be viewed here) :

  • US Enhanced
  • US Un-Enhanced
  • Clinton Turner V1 Enhanced
  • ReActiveMicro Enhanced
  • Dan Paymar Enhanced
  • Blippo Black Enhanced
  • Byte Enhanced
  • Colossal Enhanced
  • Count Enhanced
  • Flow Enhanced
  • Gothic Enhanced
  • Outline Enhanced
  • Pigfont Enhanced
  • Pinocchio Enhanced
  • Slant Enhanced
  • Stop Enhanced

Most are Enhanced (with MouseText copied from the stock US Enhanced ROM) as we figure this would be most useful on the IIe and //c. The reason we have US enhanced and US un-enhanced in the first bank is so that you can link an un-enhanced video ROM to a un-enhanced system ROM without having to flip a keyboard switch.

So, potentially with a keyboard switch we could then switch in maybe the un-enhanced version of each font, or entirely different ones such as some of the euro versions etc.

We'd love to get your feedback on this - shoot us an email with your thoughts : jdmicro@jdmicro.com.

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