6th December 2020

ROMX for the Apple //e is making great progress, and will formally be named ROMXe.

As of today ROMXe is working as per ROMX for the II plus - you can upload a 16KB ROM image, store descriptions, store information, set defaults etc. What Jeff has done in this version of the firmware is very impressive as we had less in the way of bus signals available to us versus ROMX.

This is likely to be near final for the initial prototype PCB's:

ROMXe plugs solely into the ROM socket(s) in a //e. For single CF ROM machines, the EF Adapter can be snapped off. Note that ROMXe has a real time clock onboard as well - that's a CR1220 lithium cell, which should be good for around 4 and a half years between replacements.

The old HP logic analyser was invaluable for debugging a tricky section of the code that handled writes to flash.

We're yet to layout the video ROM boards for this one, but it should be relatively straightforward other than the fact that there are a couple of different form factors we have to cater for - standard IIe used a 24pin video ROM whereas international used 28pin. The same fonts we have on the II plus ROMX will be available, plus a few more hopefully.

This prototype ROMXe board was built with a II plus ROMX, along with socket adapters to suit the //e - this was enough to get it up and running. We'll now be looking to order a handful of ROMXe boards so we can continue to further enhance the firmware including the real time clock support and also the NMI support for Senior PROM.

We also have permission to distribute Michael Guidero"s ROM eX Apple //e ROM with ROMXe (confusing?!). Hopefully Michael may be encouraged to revisit ROM eX it since he will now be able to safely cull BOTH tape and diagnostics from the ROM to make space for his custom code (there are currently 2 versions of ROM eX - one sacrificing tape, and one sacrificing diagnostics to make sufficient space for custom code). With a ROMXe board installed, if you need tape or diagnostics then just select a stock ROM :)

Also we are looking for ROM submissions for the //e. Best one gets a free ROMXe.

ROMX for the Apple IIc will follow - largely based on ROMXe and will be formally named ROMXc.

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