ROMXc+ (Apple IIc Plus)

ROMXc+ is available for order from ReActiveMicro.


Key Features

  • Replaces Monitor ROM and optionally the Video ROM also
  • 15 x 32KB user programmable Image slots + firmware and recovery images
  • Supports 16KB or 32KB images
    • Upload a custom ROM in seconds!
    • Images can be system ROMs, DOS images, games or applications!
    • Store Information for each image
    • ROMify tutorial and template available so you can convert your apps/games to run from ROM
    • Boots DOS instantly
  • On-board real-time clock with CR1220 backup battery
    • Estimated 3.5+ years battery life
  • Socket Safe Headers wont damage the original IC sockets
  • ROM-Link interface for optional external video ROM
    • No switches - select the font through the menu system
  • Works with overclocked //c+'s (tested to 40MHz).
  • Select accelerator speed per image
  • Preloaded with lots of ROMs/apps to try including ROM 5X by Michael Guidero:



  • ROMXc Plus does not operate in an Apple IIc. See ROMXc for Apple IIc.
  • ROMXc Plus may not fit underneath expansion cards. There is a interfence with A2Heaven RamExpress II+ where the battery on the RamExpress may foul the ROMXc+. Moving the battery on the RamExpress to the top side may resolve this, else an insulator between the boards - we will advise as we have more information available.
  • JTAG header is for production programming of the CPLD only - it's not used to upload ROM images. ROM's are uploaded directly from the computer through the menu system - U)PLOAD an image to flash memory, where it will now be stored until you decide to overwrite it with another!

In the Media

Javier Rivera's First Look and Update Videos: