26th October 2020

Hot on the heals of v0.963, Jeff has another update - v0.967! This one has a couple of really cool features built in that make it so much easier to manage your ROM images. I'll update the user guide, but the new features are as follows:

Boot Delay key moved to CTRL-B. To free up CTRL-D (see below) the delay (Boot Delay) can now be edited from the I)NFO page using CTRL-B.

Descriptions can now be edited from the I)NFO page by pressing CTRL-D. Now it is super easy to change DOS and/or Text ROM associations, or to add associations to existing ROMs. Want to set the existing Applesoft Basic ROM in slot 1 to fast boot a DOS 3.3 image stored in slot F? Just use CTRL-D to edit the description and add &DF in positions 31-33.

To blank out a description entirely, select the ROM, press CTRL-D and press RETURN. Done. Pressing return will erase the line from the current cursor position (inclusive).

Information can now be edited from the I)NFO page by pressing CTRL-I. Information is multi-line - move to the next line by moving to the end of the text on the current line, then pressing RETURN. Remember that RETURN will erase the current line from the cursor position (inclusive) thus if you want to keep the text on a particular line then you must use the right arrow to move past it before pressing RETURN. If you mess up, press ESC to abort. Information is saved by pressing RETURN once you reach the end of the text that you want to keep, on the last line.

Want to add some notes about the Apple 1 Emulation ROM in slot 9? Just use CTRL-I to edit the information for the ROM image and add it. "PRESS RIGHT ARROW TO CLEAR SCREEN" is a handy tip to add to that ROM!

When in the I)NFO page you can now press a bank key 1-9,A-F to jump straight to the selected ROM. Again a nice improvement - the left and right arrows will still move up and down through the menu in the I)NFO page, but you can jump directly to a ROM using the bank key.

Erase/Obliterate (CTRL-O) removed. We've decided to remove this entirely now (it was changed to CTRL-O in v0.963) as it is no longer required since you can blank out descriptions on an individual basis using the new edit feature in v0.967.

With these new editing features, the INFO GEN utility is only needed when creating a ROM file for distribution that contains pre-filled Description and Information text (which we highly encourage - feel free to send us your ROM files and we will share them). Otherwise just upload the ROM then edit the description and information once on board.

There are also a couple of fixes included. Head on over to the Utility Disk page and grab the lastest release.

In other news, we've started on the Apple //e version of ROMX which will also support the Apple IIc!

Update! A couple of last minute additional changes were made to this release (originally v0.966) - be sure to grab the latest v0.967 update

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