7th July 2021

I've been busy building ROMX boards - both ROMX and ROMXc - whilst Jeff is working towards the 1.0 firmware release (currently at 995 for testing purposes - this supports ProDOS for image upload direct from firmware!).

I ended up building ZIF adapters for the IIc to make it quicker to install the modules and test them :

The sockets used in the IIc's are actually pretty terrible. Mine have had a lot of insertions though and still work, however they do feel like they are starting to loosen up a little. The ZIF socket will help it going forward since I test each and every module in this machine.

I finally built a panel of ROMXe's!! ROMXe is going to be our focus for a bit :

Testing with the 994z firmware and its pretty much there - just a clock anomoly to work out but ROMXe should be available very soon :)

It's now been pretty much a year since we started all this and we've developed products for the II plus, IIc and IIe. I'm very much looking forward to developing the next product in the ROMX family (Hint: It installs in the cpu socket). It's quite possible that some other bits and pieces get released before that one though - stay tuned!

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