13th September 2020

It feel like this is taking me forever, but I'm getting there! I've been assembly units in my spare time this week. This involves taking the boards that have come out of the reflow oven, then installing the pins...

Programming both CPLD, and the flash chip (my charge pump chips still haven't turned up so there is some temporary wiring on the jig) ....

And adding to the pile for testing.

I've also been assembling 2316B text ROM's :

Just on the text ROM, I've come across a number of fonts which I'd like to include - this may delay shipping by a few days, but as the text ROM is not reprogrammable in system then I think it's worth getting as many on there as I can from the get go. This will include Nick Westgates modified Katakana ROM which I've now tested - works nicely alongside the J Plus system ROM :

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