ROMXc/ROMXc+/ROMXe/ROMX+ System ROM Images

Cold Start : This dsk file contains images for both the ROMX+ and the original ROMX. It provides a cold start function by simply pressing ctrl-reset twice in rapid succession. It also has a checksum byte to satisfy some ROM diagnostics and software checks. This can replace the standard Applesoft image on your ROMX or ROMX+ or it can also be used to roll your own F8 EPROM image for your Apple II+ or clone.

ProDOS Version 2.4.3 6th April 2024


  • ProDOS 2.4.3 for ROMX
  • ProDOS 2.4.3 for ROMX with BITSY BYE

Version 1.1.2 - 24th March 2022

ROMXce Apps1.dsk

  • DOS 3.3 Fastload
  • Memtest IIe/IIc
  • Choplifter
  • Raster Blaster
  • Senior PROM

ROMXce Apps2.dsk - UPDATED 06/22 v0.95 ProDOS Clock Driver

  • ProDOS 2.4.2 for ROMX
  • ProDOS 2.4.2 for ROMX with BITSY BYE
  • EDM - Extended Debugging Monitor


  • Dung Beetles
  • Blank Image
  • Copy II Plus

     ** This version of the COPY.II.PLUS image will work on the ROMXc, ROMXe, and ROMXc+. The image must contain an &S link to a ProDOS image and that image must also contain an &S link to a System ROM. 
     If you have an Apple IIc RamExpress II+ board from a2heaven, you should link to the ROM 4X or 5X if you want the RAM disk to remain intact. 
     When the image launches, it will set the default to slot 5, drive 1. You can change this to a different slot by modifying the image before uploading. Here is the procedure:
     CALL -151
     4F88:n0       (where n=slot; current value=$50)
     BSAVE COPY.II.PLUS, A$1000, L$8100

ROMXe Apps0.dsk - For ROMXe ONLY

  • Apple //e Enhanced ROM
  • Apple //e Unenhanced ROM
  • Michael Guidero's ROM eX (no tape)
  • Michael Guidero's ROM eX (no diags)
  • Integer BASIC ROM

ROMXe Apps1.dsk - For ROMXe ONLY

  • MICRODRIVE.RMX - Setup Utility for the ReActive Micro MicroDrive/Turbo. Courtesy James Noyes.

ProDOS 2.4.2 customization:

Creating images for ProDOS System applications is SO EASY now. Just four steps:

  • Transfer your SYSTEM file from ProDOS to a DOS formatted disk or .dsk. Must be less than $3E00 in length
  • BLOAD (app.SYSTEM file) , A$1100
  • BSAVE (your image) , A$1000, L$8100 (keeps original RMX metadata)

To change the default Slot from #5:

  • BLOAD PRODOS 2.4.2.RMX. (or any derivative)
  • CALL -151
  • 4F9D:n0 (where n is slot number desired; replaces $50)**
  • BSAVE (your image) , A$1000, L$8100

     ** For versions prior to 0.995, use 4F8D:n0 (where n is slot number desired; replaces $50)
        For versions prior to 1.1.2, use 4FA8:n0 (where n is slot number desired; replaces $50)