29th August 2020

Components are in, along with the various connectors :

The pin headers at bottom left are the ones that will be used to plug the modules into your motherboard. They have a rectangular profile less than 0.4mm in thickness, and won't damage the sockets like pin headers would. Using the jig I designed, they will be fitted to the board, then the top black socket section snipped off (these are stacking headers).

This is the sexy black 3M cable that will be used on the ROM-Link interface for those who purchase the text ROM as well :

Apart from assembling the stock ROM images, I'm organising suitable packaging materials for mailing, including conductive foam and antistatic bags.

The advertised price of USD$49.95 or USD$74.95 with the text ROM bundle was more of a guide, and will be discounted to the early adopters. How does a $65 bundle price sound? Keen for your feedback (deanclaxton at gmail.com).

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