22nd June 2021

ROMX has been reviewed in the June 2021 ssue of Juiced.GS magazine! This is the first in-print review, so that is pretty cool. Thank you Andrew Roughan for reviewing ROMX, and to Ken Gagne for generously offering Jeff and myself a copy of the magazine when it ships. I haven't read the review so can only hope it's favourable :D

Otherwise I've been working away at assembling units. The SMD side is not so bad, but there is a lot of hand soldering to install the pin headers etc. A set of 20 ROMXc bundles contains 1400 manual solder joints for pins and headers, and I can't think of an easy way to automate it since the boards need to be installed in a jig to get the pin length right. That's certainly a downside of plug in modules - slot based would be so much faster to build! On the plus side, we leave your slots available for other goodies :)

Jeff's been working at fine tuning the firmware in regard to default behaviour for ZIP chips - an updated release is coming. I'm hoping to get the first batch of ROMXe's assembled this week also - all going well those will be available to beta testers in the next few weeks.

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